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Bellos Michael

About me
I am a veteran computer hardware expert and software developer. Many years of experience (18+ yrs) in providing custom solutions and user training in the public and private sector in RhodesWith managerial and communications skills I have an excellent record in customer support over the years, and i like to work in a high pressure environment, collaborating with others, but I can work and alone with minimal  directions.

1978 -1982           A.S.O.E.E (Economical University of Athens)
1979-1981            Control Data
1993-today         Seminars in Windows and Programming Languages.

Personal Interest
Music, Movies, Reading and Swimming
I love: Computers/Gadgets-Panathinaikos FC-Rock Music and Smart ppl. WinPhones Evagelist-Computer Shop owner. Share the Know-How

1. 1987. Halikias AEBE. I design, develop and maintain the cost calculating application through the hole production line (knitting-dying-cutting-sewing) in Lotus 123
2. 1993. Computime. I translate the first (unofficial) Greek version of Windows. Involved in the first internet node in Rhodes (Compulink node with a 256kb connection).
3. 1994. Prefecture of Dodekanisa. I design, deploying and maintain the first windows based network (80 + pcs) in Rhodes.
4. 1994. Prefecture of Dodekanisa. I design, develop and maintain the first Windows application for project controlling (time and cost) in the public sector.
5. 1995. Prefecture of Dodekanisa. I design, develop and maintain the main payment application of the Prefecture. It was the first application in Greece running on Windows and it was in use for more than 12 years.
6. 1995. YDE of Dodekanisa.  I design, develop and maintain the main payment application . It was the first application in Greece running on Windows and it was in use until Dec of 2011.
7. 1996. Computime.  I design and develop the fisrt version of app “Law”. A Windows based custom application for layers and Law firms with more than 10 installation in Rhodes.
8. 1997Municipality of Rhodes Public Parking System. I design, develop and maintain the software to control the parking machines.
9. 2000. Nissan Rhodes. I design, develop and maintain  a custom made application for controlling the sales of the company. It is still in use by the sales department .
10. 2002. Proton Software. I design, develop and maintain  the app “Doct”,  a custom made application for doctors offices.
11. 2003-2004. Proton Software. Various project for customers (Custon Applications WebSites etc)
12. 2006.  YDE of Dodekanisa.   I design, develop and maintain the Protocol application (e-document handling) of this public service.
13. 2007. Taxi Association of Rhodes. Desing deploing and maintain the network for the Taxi Association of Rhodes. (Hardware, Web Based software  and desktop apps for booking a taxi and auto recording of the over the air –CB communications).
14. 2010. Proton Software. After the first release of MS Windows Phone 7 i was heavily involved with the operating system (in Rom Cooking and writing guides and HowTo for greek and English user forums)  and I release the first two (Greek made) Windows Phone 7 applications (Greek News and Greek Sports sites). After a while my blog (Colossusr Windows Phone Blog) was online and it was the first Windows Phone (only) blog in Greece.
15. 2012. Proton Software. A unique designed WebRadio station went online (Colossusradio). It was a test project with various technology and and web services work together ( Lyrics of the Now Playing Song, Last FM covers and Artist infos etc). I am now redesign the station page to much the new Windows 8 aesthetics. (its up and running 24/7 .. Music only ..No commercials) 

From 2012 until Today I involved in Web sites design and programming and in some custom made apps …

Bellos Michael
aka colossur